OKI Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey
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48.0% abv Kentucky, United States
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This is for the single barrel offering at barrel strength. 112 proof aged 10 years by OKI. I have had their antique barrel finish 9 year 100 proof before and I thought it was exceptional but never again saw it on the shelves. So when my liquor store manager told me he had these I didn't think twice. $50 a bottle but worth every penny. This stuff is great bourbon. The juice is made by MGP in Indiana. Thick oaky smokey flavor. Nose is superb and the finish is strong and lasting. Little bit of cinnamon and pepper but mostly strong char characters. Highly recommend if you see on the shelves. Give it a try
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Noah Johnson
Nice review. Just got a bottle that I'm looking forward to. Cheers!
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